WHEEL FUDO PSM is a privileged session monitoring solution.

It monitors connections with servers and records users’ actions, including mouse pointer movements, keystrokes and transferred files.

Being a self-sufficient solution, it doesn’t require installing any agent applications on monitored servers, or client software for recording connections or auditing programs for reviewing recorded content.





Supported protocols:

  • command line: SSH, Telnet, Telnet 3270
  • graphical interface: RDP, VNC, X11
  • database: Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL (TDS)
  • others: HTTP, HTTPS, modbus


Session supervision:

  • proactive session monitoring - automated actions upon detecting defined patterns
  • web-based session player - enables real-time users supervision; terminating, pausing or joining ongoing sessions
  • sharing session material via URL


Session material management:

  • RDP and VNC sessions OCR
  • exporting recorded material to video format
  • commenting and tagging sessions
  • for improved session materials processing and analysis
  • full-text search and advanced filtering options


User management:

  • Active Directory and LDAP directory services support
  • Lieberman ERPM, Thycotic Secret Server and Hitachi-ID PAM support
  • temporary access management to monitored servers


Business intelligence:

  • user productivity analysis
  • direct work efficiency comparison


Security and high-availability

  • multi-master cluster configuration ensuring constant service availability and load balancing
  • AES-XTS 256 data encryption