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Swiss SafeLab M.ID Suite is a two factor authentication solution purely based on Java technology – thus no hardware acquirement is needed.

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The two factor authentication Swiss SafeLab is a 100% Swiss made e-security solution.

All employees of this OTP one time password solution are Swiss origin and the company is based in Switzerland.


The Swiss SafeLab two factor authentication History

2002 Idea and development start of M.ID Server at HSR Hochschule, Rapperswil
2005 Foundation Swiss SafeLab GmbH
2007 Integration in Citrix Web Interface 4.x
2009 Customer in German-speaking Europe & Swiss SafeLab SMS Providing
2011 M.ID User in 5 continents
2013 License Model for corporate groups (> 1’000 Emloyees)
2014 * App-solution with end-to-end-point encryption


Swiss SafeLab M.ID Suite

Many two-factor authentication solutions are based on additional devices/tokens. However, with these it is always cumbersome to carry them along. M. ID solves this problem in an elegant way: The OTP (one time password) is sent as text message to user's cell phone. Alternatively it can be generated with an app on smartphones or similar devices.

The M.ID Suite is divided into the high availability core element M.ID Server and its different M.ID Agents to secure all commonly available logon portals such as Citrix Web Interfaces, all RADIUS capable appliances and even VMware Connection Server is supported.

The reason why customers decide for the M.ID Suite are our licence model, easy to install, a simple rollout and easy to use on different ways. Additionally the M.ID Suite can be easily integrated into the customer’s service desk for user and third party support employees.


M.ID is

• convenient and beneficial (BYOD)
• a pure Swiss software solution
• universal applicable (Citrix, OWA, VMware, ...)

M.ID uses

• mobile device / table for proof of identity
• Active Directory to store M.ID user data

M.ID provides

• Passcode delivery by SMS/Email
• Passcode generation by App
• Active Directory Password Reset
• Access Control

M.ID relieves

• Helpdesk (Self-Management-Features)
• Technics (update during live operations)
• Budget (no recurring costs)


Benefits with Swiss SafeLab M.ID Suite


• High flexibility by individual and swift configuration
• No proprietary hardware token required
• Multiple possibilities to hand out the passcode, controlled by the user
• Change/resetting of an Active Directory password without help desk assistance

Expenses Costs

• No hardware or equipment acquisition necessary
• The license model can be customized to the customer needs
• Easy to install, rollout and maintain
• Mobile phones can be used in parallel with other text messages (SMS) solutions
Administration / Technics
• No hardware or software installation on the client necessary
• Connection to established user administration
• Seamless integration into existing user administration
• Swiss SafeLab M.ID initial User configuration in 1 minute
• Platform independent
• Seamless integration into the existing environment during the current operation
• Deployment of updates during the current operation (no maintenance window necessary!)

Support / Actuality

• Developed in Switzerland – a guarantee for fast and reliable support
• The product is constantly being refined and can thus at all times cater to the clients requirements
• Upgradeable by adding new agents (front end)


• Emotional connection to the mobile phone conveys the self-discipline in handling of the token and therefore achieves a very high acceptance with the users
• High system stability without additional hardware or equipment acquisition
• Scheduling allowed logon times per user
• Different security levels configurable depending on the specifications (PIN, secret answer)

Fields Of Application

Swiss SafeLab M.ID Suite offers you the possibility to plan, scale and integrate a two factor authentication solution within a short period.

However, it does not matter whether you:

• want to secure Citrix Web Interface
• use any SSL VPN appliance to secure the access to your company's resources
• utilize IPSec VPN for secure access to your company's network
• want to add additional security to Microsoft Outlook Web Access
• or would like to protect the Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Access
• or any web page behind a Microsoft ForeFront Threat Management Gateway
• or any user-defined web portal on your IIS web server

All these and even more remote access possibilities can be extended within a few steps with Swiss SafeLab M.ID Suite.

Extract of Tested Appliances & Logon Portals

• Citrix Access Gateway Standard
• Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise / NetScaler
• Citrix Web Interface
• Citrix MetaFrame
• Juniper SSL VPN Appliances
• SonicWALL firewalls over Global VPN
• SonicWALL Aventale
• Checkpoint firewalls with Secure Client
• Cisco Firewalls with Cisco VPN
• Palo Alto Networks firewalls
• VMWare View Connection Server
• WatchGuard
• Microsoft Outlook Web Access
• Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Access
• Microsoft ForeFront Threat Management Gateway

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The solution of Swiss SafeLab integrated into the Citrix Access Gateway: