Anyone who sends sensitive information unprotected not only risks being spied on but also a fine, a prison sentence or at least a damaged reputation.

Encrypt your e-mails with IncaMail

Normal e-mails are as easy to read as a postcard today. This is why you should protect yourself and your company with IncaMail.

IncaMail is the electronic service of Swiss Post for securely and verifiably sending confidential business information such as pay slips, personal data or account statements. With the patented SAFE technology, every communication partner can be reached directly and immediately. IncaMail is offered in integrated solutions by many partners worldwide.


Electronic pay slip delivery

Save up to 84% in costs with IncaMail

With IncaMail you send pay slips directly from your HR solution to the private e-mail address of your employees with a single click. The data is transferred verifiably and in encrypted form. You bypass time-consuming work steps like printing, putting things in envelopes and adding stamps, you save money and increase the satisfaction of the employees.

Electronic communication with authorities

Communicate securely in the Swiss authority environment

IncaMail is officially approved as a secure electronic delivery platform by the Swiss federal administration and therefore enables encrypted and verifiable e-mail communication in the authority environment.

Thanks to the many different possible uses of IncaMail, you as an authority can send tax documents or court rulings in encrypted form from your specialist application and also reach customers and business partners with your confidential messages directly from your existing e-mail client (e.g. Outlook).


Electronic business communication – individual delivery

Protect your daily business communication with IncaMail

Many companies still send contracts, statements of accounts and other confidential documents across the internet via e-mail. Unprotected ordinary e-mails are as easy to read as a postcard and are systematically scanned by economic spies. So integrate IncaMail into your existing e-mail infrastructure and protect your e-mails.